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Top Questions

-Are Malmo products sustainable?

We hand craft each of our products with a UK manufactured material which is sustainable, eco-friendly and non-toxic.

We use soy wax which is renewable, sustainable and biodegradable.

-How are Malmo pots refillable?

The fun part:

Choose your vessel

Decide upon a fragrance

Enjoy your unique scented candle

Order a refill which is delivered to your door

-Do you take orders for bespoke products?

We can create products tailored to meet specific individual requirements.

Please message for details.

We would love to help you further

Our Journey

My fascination with candles began at the age of six, when our family moved from the city of Belfast to England, where I would help to wrap and box candles for the local community.

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"Rock Collection" Sugar Bowl Refillable Candle

"Rock" Collection

Malmo unique "Rock" effect candle holders and reed diffusers are simply stunning...