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Zen Aroma Pebble Bowl Set

Zen Aroma Pebble Bowl Set

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Malmo hand crafted Zen Bowl with hand made aroma Pebbles infused with essential oil.

This piece is our take on the very popular potpourri but more appealing and minimalist.

Our minimalist scented Pebbles release fragrance gradually.

'Ela' essential oil is a sensory journey which begins with zesty lemon & lime, followed by tangy grapefruit and ends with sweet mandarin. A true summer fragrance.

'Bettii' essential oil transports your senses to a day at the spa. Fresh peppermint, zesty lemon and hints of bergamot & eucalyptus make this the perfect choice for eager fans of home fragrance without the need for power or a flame.

Simply arrange your Pebbles in your Bowl then add 6 - 8 drops of oil. You can intensify the aroma when needed.

Included in your Zen Pebble Bowl Set -

- 1 hand-crafted Bowl

- 3 handmade Pebbles

- 1 30ml dropper bottle 


This oil is highly concentrated.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Do not ingest.

If near eyes rinse thoroughly for several minutes.

If swallowed or sign of rash ask medical advice.

Don't place on wood or polished surfaces.

Clean any spills immediately.

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