Entice -The Perfect Valentine's Scent

A fierce yet beautiful scent

Entice encapsulates romance and relaxation in a strong and long lasting fragrance

With Sichuan Pepper, Rose, Tonka Bean & Patchouli

  • Cosy

    Warm cinnamon, zesty citrus and cosy clove.

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  • Angel Aura

    Pure lily, sweet vanilla, earthy musk and spicy patchouli.

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  • Spring Fresh

    Floral violet, powdery amber and refreshing jasmine.

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  • The Spa

    Enlivening peppermint, fresh eucalyptus and musky cedar wood.

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  • Sea Spray

    Fresh sea salt and rich driftwood.

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  • Cigar Lounge

    Warm oak, aromatic jasmine, smokey tobacco and rich incense.

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  • Oud Lavender

    Woody and luxurious, aromatic lavender and spicy nutmeg.

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  • Burnt Orange

    Zesty orange, smokey clove, rich and sweet brown sugar.

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  • Coffee Shop

    Intense and rich coffee, sweet and comforting caramel.

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